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Outsourcing ICT or embarking on ‘Managed Service’ should not just be motivated by cost alone, though outsourcing almost always returns considerable cost savings, but it should also be informed by a long-term strategy for achieving planned objectives and resolving key issues such as relieving existing support bottlenecks, addressing shortages of skilled staff and expertise and aiding further development of learning technologies.

Are you experiencing one of the following?

  • A need to compensate for a shortage of skilled staff;
  • A need to reduce the costs of support and IT more generally.
  • A need to address a shortage of ‘specialist’ ICT skills in ever increasingly complex IT environments;
  • A need to ensure continuous and orderly ICT operations; and…
  • Inadequate funding to procure essential ICT equipment.

If you are then Class Technology Solutions can probably help you develop a more strategic approach to support so why not get in touch.


The main advantages to the school of contracting a managed service with Class Technology are:

  • Access to ICT industry ‘best practice’ processes and procedures, which are appropriate for school environments
  • Access to industry trained ICT technicians by a Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Escalation support for problems which cannot be solved by ‘on-site’ technician through the 1st Class monitoring service
  • Advice on strategic ICT developments
  • Ability to use ‘flexible’ ICT staffing arrangements to meet current needs; There is no fixed offering, the school determines the level of support it requires
  • Removal of ‘management overheads’ for the school (i.e. training and skills refreshes for IT staff) , and adoption of ‘flexible’ staffing models
  • No long-term ‘tie-in’; contractual arrangements are flexible and can be made on a twelve month renewal basis
  • Removal of dependence on ‘in-house’ ICT technicians and the risk of ‘what happens if they leave’?
  • No dependence on proprietary software, so the school does not enter major difficulties if arrangements with Class Technology are terminated in the future