Welcome to the Class Technology Portal – The next step in an E-learning platform.

The ‘CTS Portal’ is an online SharePoint site created to provide a single-sign-on (SSO) interface for staff and students to source and share information seamlessly across teams from any device. It gives you the opportunity to empower teamworking and collaboration by enabling the sharing and the management of content, knowledge and applications.

The home page and functionality of the CTS portal is divided into three-broad sections:

  • Portal Tiles
  • My Apps
  • Student Resources

Staff Portal Homepage

Under the Staff Portal Homepage, various tabs have been created so that shared areas can be accessed in order to:

  • Share information with other staff members
  • Easily access useful links helpful to delivering teaching and on-line content
    through the single-sign on facility any authorised person can access their own Office 365/One Drive account, Outlook email account and get access to Microsoft Teams and also other important applications
  • A forum to provide for a daily update to a staff bulletin to display any latest announcements, or essential and important news
  • The use of online electronic forms and flows to replace manual paperwork and approval processes thus reducing teacher administration tasks. Key forms and work flows include Request for cover, Catering requests, room booking requests and teachers absence forms
  • Access to the school/College/University calendar.

CTS Student Portal Homepage

The Class Technology Portal also provides a superb and powerful on-line repository for Student Resources. The student area is reflected in a number of easily recognisable and intuitive tiles, which are set out by subject areas.

In this location, teachers can upload assignments and share information, images, videos, YouTube links, photography and other documents on subject topics to enhance the teaching and learning experience for students.

Critically, student resources can be downloaded as many times as necessary or can be restricted to ‘read only’ but resources cannot be edited without the express permissions and access rights. Each department can be made responsible for their own relevant teaching area, with a large amount of flexibility is provided to design the right learning experience to deliver the curriculum and maximise student engagement and learning.

CTS Subject Portal Homepage

Each subject Portal can be designed for good understanding of the subject to students. Here staff and students can upload images, content and videos directly to the page. Creative carousels and picture libraries can also be added here to enhance the site’s visual presentation.


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