Make Remote Learning a Success!

Remote learning is tough! Schools up and down the country are working hard to ensure that remote learning is a success. CTS is here to help with all your education technology needs.

Here are our 5 top tips for great teaching and learning whilst working remotely!



  • Create an engaging class culture for your students to keep them engaged and excited to learn online. Posting debate topics or news articles is a good way to create a positive class culture, that is not all about homework and assessments! Use the Teams Post’s section or the Google classroom class stream to keep students thinking about the world around them.


  • Model your teaching in fun and engaging new ways. Modelling is a key part of great teaching and learning, and online learning gives you many different opportunities to model. Try using the whiteboard app on your Surface devices to live model breaking down an equation. You could even use apps such as Flipgrid to model and have your students model back to you! Student’s will love seeing their learning come to life in new and innovative ways.


  • Generate great discussions amongst your students using breakout rooms in Teams. This is a quick and easy solution to help students feel like they are in the classroom and working alongside their peers. Teachers can decide in what ways they want to split rooms and jump around the rooms to make sure everyone is sticking to task!


  • Using symbols in the chat box is a excellent when trying to gage whole class understanding. Ask students to pop a symbol in the chat box as an answer to your question. You can quickly scan up and down the answers and see who is right and who needs more support. This is great for quickfire questioning, like using mini whiteboards in the classroom!


  • Create assignments and quizzes in Forms to track progress to inform your future teaching. Forms are a great and quick way to create a quiz or assignment that can be distributed and accessed easily. You can decide how it will be marked and create a mark scheme to go with it. If you are using Teams, you can extract the data into Insights to help you identify the specific needs of your classes.


CTS is here to support with using technology for great Teaching & Learning, now and beyond the pandemic. Look out for our webinar series that will be coming soon which will be free to existing and new clients.

Get in touch if you would like to speak to me about how you can use technology to enhance the Teaching & Learning in your school.