Microsoft Teams for Education

Microsoft Teams is a group chat application which has been folded into the subscription of Office 365 suite of applications. Think of it as a network to chat with your colleagues or students as an alternative to email, where you can share files and resources and even initiate screen sharing and webinars. In the last year it has received several updates making it an ideal tool for use with education and now, as part of Microsoft Classroom, it’s an ideal way to handle classroom assignments and communication.

Microsoft are pushing Teams for Education as a digital platform, somewhere to bring together all the components available within Office 365. It aims to save time and simplifies the everyday logistics of delivering content to students, leaving teachers free to dedicate themselves to their students.

Here are some of the headline features;

  • School Data Sync automatically populates classes with student rosters connected to the school’s information system.
  • OneNote Class Notebooks are built into every class, allowing teachers to organize interactive lessons and deliver personalized learning right from Teams.
  • Apps integrate into the classroom experience, so teachers can quickly access the Office 365 apps they already use – like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Planner – and customize their classroom with education apps.
  • End-to-end assignment management in Teams enables teachers to move quickly and effortlessly from creation and distribution to grading and feedback.

Microsoft are determined to make Office 365 a central part of every schools classroom infrastructure. Google already have a large market share with their own Google Classroom platform, something which is increasingly being used by schools throughout the UK, even if they use Office 365 for their student and staff email. Microsoft want to change this and see Teams for Education as one part of the larger Microsoft Classroom platform.

Find out more by watching the video below and don’t forget to get in touch if you want to know more about Office 365.