COVID-19 Update

To all our partners,

Our offices are closed for the foreseeable future but all our teams are all working remotely, and the CTS head office phone numbers remain open and we continue to provide our services during these challenging times. Additionally, administrative personnel continue to be available via their company e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. For technical assistance, please continue to use the address.

Alternatively, if you are visiting us for the for the first time, please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

On behalf of CTS, we should like to thank all our staff for their fortitude and professionalism and to wish everyone good health and hope that you all manage to stay safe during this difficult time.

‘I would like to thank the help desk team at CTS, for both doing a sterling job and for being very, very helpful. The team have stepped up to the plate, their help and guidance is outstanding considering the circumstances. They are very much appreciated by myself and my team.’

Finance Manager
Blackfen School for Girls

‘On behalf of all our staff, students and parents thank you for your continued professionalism, expertise and excellent support during these difficult times. Your team have gone above and beyond to get our school operational, they have been absolutely superb!’

Head of School at
Bentleywood High School

‘I thought I’d let you know that the support team at St Andrew’s have kept the school going well server wise at a time when 650 boys and staff are predominantly working remotely. They have been liaising with parents (frequently!) and managing tickets/phone calls both in school and remotely. They have also managed to set up a very complex situation regarding a multi space meeting for governors and the Local Authority.
Thank you to them for their work at this time’.

St Andrews School

‘Throughout this period of working and learning from home, two members of our staff have unexpectedly found themselves at the absolute centre of our new virtual operation. They are the Data Manager, and the CTS ICT technician. They have worked incredibly hard to support the huge increase in our use of ICT and the website, and I’m immensely grateful for their support. Perhaps as we take a little more downtime this bank holiday weekend we can all take a few moments to thank the people that we have noticed go the extra mile to support others at this time.’

St Saviour’s and St Olave’s

‘The College is receiving a very high standard of support during lockdown from CTS staff. Our CTS site staff are promptly responding to helpdesk tickets and keeping staff supported with IT requirements. Our on-line teaching is performed using MS TEAMS and support from the CTS web Developer is outstanding and she continues to support staff in this area. The College has purchased laptops and printers for staff and students for home use and the turnaround for quote request from procurement to delivery has been outstanding – CTS express delivery as I call it! I would also like to thank our account and service delivery managers for their support for the College and CTS site staff and all the team for finding the time to deliver training and mentor our CTS site staff during this period.’

MIS Manager
St Dominic’s Sixth Form College

‘Can I just say I’ve been working today at my desk, next to my child’s desk in our office, and I am in absolute awe of how fantastic both the children, but also the teaching staff, have adapted to the Teams working.
The ability to switch between lessons, interact with a decent number of peers during lessons, switch applications and then liaise, communicate and work on one document with their partner was truly amazing….never mind the fact they kept coming back after each break! The resilience and adaptability these young people have shown in one day is far superior to the ability of many people in many organisations I engage with in my work, who take months to embrace change – something we as humans are not wired to enjoy. The confidence you instil in them is incredible, and I must admit I was hopeful but possibly sceptical about how it was going to work today – as much concerned with how my son would cope as I was with how myself, my daughter would all work remotely, online, in one home, at the same time. However, the results are more than any of us could have expected, with everything you allude to being true and so much more. Huge well done to everyone, teachers included, but the plaudits here are really for these amazing children. Huge thanks to The Unicorn for making this transition literally seamless. Well done.’

Unicorn School

‘From the outset of working with the CTS Web Developer last academic year, I have been nothing but impressed by her expertise, professionalism and diligence. The web developers strengths are numerous and, as Headteacher, I have particularly valued her focused listening and questioning at all stages of the work to ascertain a deep and thorough understanding of our context and technological needs. She uses her expertise and problem-solving capabilities to then meet our needs and ensures we are able to effectively and appropriately employ the solutions found. The web developer is an asset to the organisation and deserves commendation for the manner in which she has supported our school and staff to deliver the best education possible. Her work with Upton Court Grammar School has turned out to be particularly critical at this time of school closure and staff and students have been empowered through the technological solutions that CTS has developed for and with us. She should be immensely proud for the role she has played and continues to play in supporting schools maximise the resources available to them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all she has done for our school.’

Executive Head of Trevelyan Middle School
Pioneer Trust

‘We should like to register our thanks to you and all the school staff for the impressive way in which Hurstpierpoint College has stepped up to the task of educating children online.
We have three daughters , all at separate schools. I occasionally pause on the landing to overhear a few moments of an online lesson and have been very impressed by the apparently seamless way in which Hurst has moved online. I can hardly imagine the amount of effort and time required for teachers to set up and deliver online lessons, as well as the patience required to resolve technical and behavioural problems during classes. We appreciated the fast and clear decision to abandon studying for GCSEs and move on to A-Level subjects for the Fifth Form. In contrast to other schools, who are persisting with some form of half-hearted, internal assessment for otherwise cancelled GCSEs and A-Levels, Hurst’s decision has enabled pupils to move on to the next stage with focus. The other distinguishing features of Hurst’s transition online have been the wholesale nature of the move and the interactivity of the lessons. The inclusion of as many corners of school life as possible – from assembly to music lessons and sport – has provided a balance to the day from the purely academic and maintained an element of the school’s ethos. The interactive nature of the lessons will, I should think, prove its worth as the weeks roll on and the novelty wears off.’

Hurstpierpoint College

‘As an IT Business Leader and School Governor, I have a good insight into the challenges and commitments required to change well established educational practices, and without question, the Unicorn have impressed me the most. If it is any comfort, as long as the remote tutoring can continue for the time being, as a parent I think that I am getting very good value for my fees bearing in mind the exceptional circumstances that are being managed – Bravo! Please pass on to the staff our thanks for stepping up when it mattered most – we are very grateful and appreciative of their efforts.’

School Governor
Unicorn School

‘Just a short note to say how exceptional the CTS Network Manager has been over the past couple of weeks. As the school’s focus has suddenly had to transition to a remote way of working/learning, he has found the solutions and the time for all who have asked. He is superb.’

Vinehall School