Class Technology Solutions Ltd are delighted to announce that we have now partnered with Securus Software to provide a comprehensive, cutting-edge online safety solution for your school. 

Securus is a network monitoring system that alerts you to any child protection issues or inappropriate activity taking place on your network, including on laptops and other devices. It creates alerts for anything that suggests a child may be at risk or breaching your Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). A screen 'capture' is taken of every incident, showing what was displayed at the time, who was involved and when the incident took place. These captures enable staff to respond to potentially serious or disruptive situations with confidence.

Unlike filtering and blocking, Securus is an educational tool that helps children recognise unsafe situations and encourage them to use new technologies responsibly. Securus is an Associate Member of the UK Council of Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS), a member of the Internet Watch Foundation and a partner of international anti-bullying charity BeatBullying.

What is Securus?

Amongst other threats, Securus alerts school staff to:

Importantly, Securus’s keywords and phrases are fully customisable, allowing school staff to add their own words and phrases (including the names of particularly vulnerable children) to capture any specific concerns.


"No school, primary or secondary, can afford to operate without some form of protection, which needs to be active and provide specific information leading to resolution of the issues, rather than simply blocking. The solution also needs to not only address the problems a school may have today but also the ones of the future. We found answers to all these issues in Securus." Simon Uttley, Headteacher, Saint John Bosco College

Next Step

If you would like to receive a webinar demonstration or require further information please contact us.