First Class® Monitoring

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The First Class® Monitoring Service, which is web based, interactive monitoring tool which provides the real time surveillance and support to school servers, desktops etc. It also sets the standard for on-line reporting and the provision of customisable management information.



Remote Support

First Class® Monitoring Service offers flexible, effective remote support. Access any device over any network, all through the CTS browser based management interface, or a locally installed agent using secure communications. All remote support activity is logged so that the school/CTS can monitor activity including which user has done what and for how long.

Audit & Filtering

First Class® Monitoring Service maintains a database of detailed device audit information, automatically updated on a regular basis by the deployed by the service agents. Any changes in the status of connected devices are automatically posted to the database irrespective of their location or network, meaning that the school/CTS has an up-to-date hardware and software inventory of all devices at any time.

Device Monitoring

With advanced monitoring, CTS can monitor key server and workstation services and parameters proactively identifying potential problems before they arise. Device monitoring will also enable CTS to track performance trends in the usage of IT at the school.

Software Deployment

First Class® Monitoring Service enables the centralised and automated deployment of software, maintenance tasks and even files. CTS will be able to upload the required file(s) or commands into the First Class® Monitoring Service database as a Component, along with any install parameters, designate the target devices and then schedules the installation time.

Device Management and Configuration

First Class® Monitoring Service can be used to proactively manage devices running the First Class® service agent. This agent constantly checks the devices for patches, hotfixes, and upgrades and provides comprehensive report on them.


First Class® Monitoring Service will enable CTS to produce customised reports regarding information pertaining to school devices, their usage and the overall operation of the network.

Video Conferencing

Powered by Microsoft Lync® Online, you can set up and join online meetings with desktop sharing and videos.