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The Class Cloud is a range of services that gives students, teachers, parents, and staff on-demand access to critical information using any device from anywhere. You can use the Class Cloud as a cost effective tool to deliver better services, with fewer resources. With Class Cloud you decide what your priorities and security requirements are and ultimately you determine the level of cloud capabilities that you want to explore. The CTS vision of cloud computing hands the power of choice to the institution to decide whether the deployment of services in the cloud or through on-premise servers, or even a combination of both is the best solution for their organisation.

Class Cloud recognises that educational establishments want to use a mixture of hosted and on-premise products and solutions, in an understanding that in some circumstances regulatory or security issues prevents use of a public cloud. A private cloud offers a secure solution for your School/Academy/university and also enables them to receive the substantial advantages of cloud benefits.

A private cloud solution enables self-service provisioning, the sharing of networking, storage, and other resources by integrating workloads and processes from various applications and services in a controlled, reliable, and secure manner. The private cloud solution can help institutions regulate the consumption of resources leading to the reduction of costs (e.g. lowering the server farm foot print).

Remote Access

Creating an IT environment in a school that will encourage anytime, anywhere learning means giving the students and staff at the school more options and optimum flexibility. The starting place for this flexibility is to make school resources widely and readily available from any location (home, café etc..) and on any device (smart phone, tablet, iPad etc..)

The next Stage in Remote Desktop Working

With the Remote Desktop app, you can connect to a remote PC and your work resources from almost anywhere. The remote Desktop app offers rich interactivity designed to help you get your work done wherever you are. The Remote environment includes:

On-Line Back-up

CTS understands that ensuring the security and integrity of school data and information is of the uppermost importance. As a result, CTS offers a suite of online Cloud Storage Services providing easy to use, enterprise-grade storage, accessed over the internet or by a secure dedicated link. Storage scales up and down to any capacity that a school requires and allows you to pay only for the storage you use. The CTS on-line back-up also allows you to access to your stored data at any time and from anywhere.

Class Collaboration

Powered by Microsoft SharePoint® Online, CTS offers you a powerful collaborative tool to facilitate the sharing of documents and information with staff, teachers and students. The collaborative force of Microsoft SharePoint® Online includes;