About Us

Mission Statement

To be the Educational Solutions Partner of choice, to disseminate best practice by providing open and transparent 'ICT models' that can be easily implemented and adopted throughout the education system. To develop ICT in Education and enable its use to enhance the learning outcomes of every child, and young person in the country.

Class Technology Solutions Ltd (CTS) is a leading Education ICT solutions provider with over ten years worth of experience providing consultancy, Infrastructure services, Network development and upgrades, and Managed Support Services to Educational establishments throughout the UK

CTS is a friendly, responsive, accessible and innovative company committed to the educational space.

CTS understands the problems facing educational establishments and continues to facilitate the transformation of schools by providing ICT improvements to fundamentally alter the teaching and learning environment.

CTS has established links with other partners including Microsoft, Intel, Veritas, and others to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions. CTS possesses partnerships with a number of well known distributors that can meet any fulfilment need.

Products & Services

CTS offers a wide range of Technical and Support services and ICT equipment to the education sector. Our solutions are non-proprietary with no lock-ins or hidden costs. These services and products can be broadly summarised as:-